WB Soccer: A Player for All Seasons

Sophia Agbay, Editor

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Seventh-grader Sammie Mullins played on both the JV and Middle School soccer teams this season … but two roles… two different worlds/experiences.

As a teammate, Sammie revealed her dedication to the team by stressing her hard work and desire to help out with the  issues that the other players were having, to help the team work its way to victory.

She constantly worked to impress her older teammates on the JV squad.

On the middle school team, she took on a completely different role. She wanted to be a role model for the younger girls.

Number: #1/#25

Grade: 7

She played striker and outside middle field


When asked about how her seasons were going, she simply said, “It’s going good. We’re 6-1-1. “

Sammie made sure to point out that the players worked well together.


How is the team’s relationship with the coaches?

With Mrs. McSweeney as the head coach on the Middle School team, Sammie feels like she is always challenged, saying, “She pushes us to our full potential.”  

Coach McSweeney helps the girls both on and off the field with any issues they may have. This made it easier, Sammie said, for the team and coach to get along.  

Sammie feels that her Junior Varsity coach, Mr. Bjorkland, has met his full potential as a coach by propelling his athletes with the utmost enthusiasm.

Sammie stated that he “pushes you to be uncomfortable in a good way” and “gives you the confidence to keep going.”


How are the relationships between grades?

Personal highlights?

10/18 got goal, very good assists


Team highlights?

All the wins, overall performance